If you want to take a special look in your personality on the special day of karwachauth, then you will have to try these tips of looking beautiful and smart. If you try these beauty tips then on the day of Karva Chauth, whatever the weather will be, you will be look perfect.

1. Combine Concealer and moisturizers and apply on the dark spots on skin.

2. Do not use the thick and heavy foundation. Pour the powder evenly from top to bottom. Place the powder on the shiny part around the nose only then it will be fine.

3. If you have crossed 40+ age the face starts to be long and pitchy, so do not use the blush. To apply it, place it on the raised part of the cheeks, not to the ears in the side.

4. Do not shimmer on cheeks. It will change the finer lines coming up on the face with the light.

5. Lip liner insert natural color. Use moisturizing lipstick or lip gloss instead of meth lipstick. If possible, use lip plumbing gloves, but do not apply shiny lipsticks.

6. Do not make deep makeup under the eyes. Place the eye liner on the eyelids. Must use mascara. Rotate Eye Lashes with Curlers Do not place deep eye-shadow.

7. Make eyebrows, make them look nineteen. But do not make eye brow very thin. This will also leave the face’s remaining softness too smooth.


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