Along with changing the weather,we are facing many problems related to beauty. In the spring, dry air and temperature start to rise, causing irritation of the skin and other beauty problems. So ,we need to change our beauty needs according to the weather so that our skin and hair get adequate care.

What does beauty expert Shahnaz Hussein say?

Internationally renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain said that we want to look beautiful in every season but for this it has to be constantly aware of the skin mood and its nutritional needs. As the spring starts, the skin becomes rugged and scaly. Due to the lack of moisture in skin this season, there are also red rashes.

She said that immediately after the rash, dont use chemical soap. In the morning rather than soap, use the cleaner. Similarly,  massage sesame oil on skin use domestic Ayurvedic treatment . Alternatively, add some honey drops in milk and apply it on the skin, allow for 10-15 minutes and afterwards wash it with fresh clean water. This treatment is useful for both normal and dry skin.

If the skin is oily, then add one teaspoon pure glycerine to 50 ml rose water. Put this mixture in the bottle and mix it thoroughly and apply this mixture on the face. This will ensure adequate humidity in the skin and a sense of freshness. Apply oily skin on oily skin too. Honey makes the skin soft and tender by providing effective natural humidity.

Shahnaz Hussain said that during the spring, during the spring, after 15 minutes, the honey can be taken on the face by washing it with clean fresh water. This helps in reducing the adverse effect of the skin during the winter. In the spring the problem of allergies increases due to which there are rashes and red spots in the skin. In such a way, sandalwood cream is considered to be very useful in preserving and maintaining the skin.

She said that skin diseases, especially on boils and red spots, use Tulsi which is very useful in the rash. Neem and mint leaves are also considered very helpful in the home remedies of skin.

Home remedies in spring

  1. Mix a little rose water in sandalwood paste and apply it on the affected skin and after half an hour wash it with fresh clean water.

2. Mix two or three drops of oil into 50 ml of rose water and apply it to the affected place. Apple cedar vinegar proves to be very helpful in skin rubbish. This helps in burning heat and helping to deal with the problem of Russian in hair.

3. Boil the leaves of lemon in one cup of lightly on the flame in four cups of water. Let this mixture stay overnight in the tight jar. Make a paste of leaves by squeezing the water the next morning and apply this paste on the affected skin.

4. Mix one spoon of Mulatani mithi with rose water and apply this paste on the affected area after 15.20 minutes wash it.




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